Photography for the site or use of ready-made photo frames

In order to answer this question, it is best to communicate with designers and marketers. It is these people in our company that are assigned all the powers of the graphic component of the sites. And almost every customer asks: what do you advise – to use ready-made photos or to take photos for the site better?

The conversation on this topic was very long, so we will try to give here only the main points by which photostocks or photography are selected.

First, the choice depends on which company you represent and whether you have something to show the buyer of the product or service? Here is an example based on two of our customers:

  1. Admiralty Shipyards ( A huge enterprise with a long history. The use of ready photostocks here was unacceptable. Moreover – for several days our photographer worked in the shops, making interesting photos of technical processes. And the marketing department, in turn, provided a large number of archival materials.
  2. Thermolight company ( An excellent friendly team of specialists involved in boiler maintenance. After working out the work plan it became clear that it would be interesting to show real boiler-houses, but not practical from the point of view of sales. That is why the rate was made to work with photos.
  3. There is also a third category of customers – for whom the creation of computer models of goods sold is much better than taking photos. For example, the creation of 3D models of products on the site of New Chemical Technologies ( allowed not only to make a uniform presentation of products, but also to show it at its best. It was also the case when working on the site “First Radiator Company.” (

The second issue we face is the budget. Indeed, the use of ready-made photoshoots is a cheaper option than conducting exit photography. Moreover, photostocks with a material that you can use without any restrictions have also become very popular. But here there is a significant minus – many photos are already recognizable. And if you want to really stand out, then exit photography for the site is still preferable.

The third question is the design of the site. Used sliders, catalogs, etc. Imply the use of real photographs. The use of photostocks is unacceptable.

The fourth question is the length of the work. Sometimes photos are needed in the “yesterday” mode, and with real photos – it’s almost impossible. For example, the schedule of our company’s work is, on average, for a week ahead. However, the expectation is worth it and the resulting photos for the site – will perfectly sell your goods.

If you are interested in the cost of working with photoshots and, for comparison, the work of our photographer, send answers to the following questions to our e-mail

  • Where on the territory (at what address) do you need to take a picture
  • Type of photography (interiors, subject photography)
  • How many photos would you like to receive at the output
  • What are the terms?