Photographing an apartment for rent and sale

We photographed a business class apartment for later posting photos on the Internet – in specialized catalogs. In total, 8 rooms with various design solutions were shot. For work, high-speed optics was chosen to demonstrate interiors in natural light.

Interior photography for catalogs: requirements and wishes

Photographing apartments, suburban estates and other interior photography is one of the tasks performed by our photographers quite often. Therefore, we know the requirements for both the equipment and the condition of the premises. Total what we use:

  1. We work with high-speed optics, but we do not use the fisheye lenses. We create panoramic photos with minimal distortion of geometry.
  2. We always bring lighting fixtures of filling type to the object. However, we use them in exceptional cases, since we prefer to take pictures in natural conditions and with natural colors.
  3. From the customer we require cleaning in the premises to be removed. Lackiness discourages potential buyers and tenants. However, if necessary, our specialists are ready to prepare the premises.

Photographing real estate in Estonia, Finland and Russia: the cost and opportunities

The cost of taking photographs depends on the size of the object (the number of rooms) and its remoteness. We work with both urban and suburban real estate. If necessary, we also produce aerial photography of urban and suburban facilities. The cost of work includes basic lighting equipment and photo processing.

  • The cost of photographing one room: 15 Euro (1000 rubles).
  • The minimum cost of works: 5 000 rubles.

Scope of work:
Premises area of ​​more than 10 m2 – at least 2 panoramic photos.
Premises smaller than 10m2 – 1 photo is general and, if necessary, close-ups of any interior details.

When working on out-of-town facilities – with a total order of more than 10 rooms per shooting, a 10% discount on the work being done.

We are working:

  • Across Russia (St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Novgorod Region, Republic of Karelia)
  • In the territory of Estonia
  • In the territory of Finland