Online store at OpenCart

By order of the company from St. Petersburg, Russia, the official online store of the company was transferred from the commercial Amiro CMS system to a widespread and very convenient solution – OpenCart.

Why did the online store on the OpenCart system

By the time the customer contacted us, the store was built on the Amiro CMS system. This is a commercial development, which has both positive and negative sides. One of the main problems Amiro is the closed code, in connection with which there are very few ready-made and flexible modules. Self-writing modules to this system in some cases is impossible because of the Amiro architecture, in some cases – commercially impractical. That is, even to solve some trivial tasks, you have to “reinvent the wheel”. Nevertheless, this CMS has also positive sides – high speed of work, protection to hacking and so on.

Since we were faced with the task of making the Internet as flexible as possible for implementing various marketing tasks, preparing a resource for working with acquiring, etc., it was decided to use one of the most common CMS. This will not only solve the problems already accumulated by the Customer at the transfer stage, but will also be quiet for the implementation of ideas. The following systems were considered:

  • OpenCart
  • Drupal
  • OsCommerce
  • Magento

In connection with the convenience of implementation and full understanding of the tasks, it was decided to transfer the resource to OpenCart. This system allows to completely satisfy the customer in his needs and with the least time and financial losses to restart the resource.

What issues did we encounter when creating a site on OpenCart?

Naturally, the main question was that we could not lose existing customers and transfer to the new version of the site not only all the content, but also data about users. Moreover, by the time of the transfer of the resource, the Customer has already worked at the customer’s incentive system.

Therefore, the loss of data and accumulated bonuses by buyers is not only a problem for us, but also a blow to the reputation of the Customer. Therefore, we developed a parser that allowed to transfer all data without loss from Amiro CMS to OpenCart.

Also, when processing the resource, some technical defects of the previous version of the site were removed and static pages (Bonus points, payment and delivery, etc.) were reworked. And, of course, complete integration with the acquiring system was carried out.

All for all the work took 14 working days.