Design of printed products: advertising in stores

Our team has completed the work on the development of design layouts for the customer from Vietnam – the company Sense Asia. One of the largest producers of tea and coffee products entrusted us with the development of promotional materials for further placement in a number of chain stores in the country.

Design development was based, first of all, on the corporate style created earlier and ideas born in the process of work. Often it was quite difficult to fit into the framework of approved ideological and color solutions, but we can confidently say that we were able to work out a number of very interesting points.

On what places works were carried out:

  • goods placement area
  • mobile advertising racks
  • pillars
  • trolley zone
  • outdoor stickers
  • stickers on the door

Below we present only a part of the developed original layouts:

Development of design of printed products for placement in retail outlets

With these jobs you need to clearly understand what you want to get at the exit – a purely image story, or advertising of directly defined commodity items. In the case of working with Sense Asia, we went on a fine line – advertising was made more image, but on each of the posters and placed some element of the product.

As it seems to us, in a relatively short time, it was possible to create a unique design for the design of outlets and fully meet the needs of the customer.

Also note that all the work was done by our specialists remotely. All decisions were based on the received photos of the locations of advertising media.