Development of a business card site for the company

Finished work on design, programming and launching a business card site for the company. The company’s sphere of activity is work with boiler-houses: construction and maintenance.

Our specialists were faced with the task of preparing a small but very colorful website. Speech in this case was about the website-business card, because the customer did not want to receive the lending, and the material for a full-fledged corporate website is still not enough. In the case of working with this customer – we worked with a very young company, so we also had to take into account the small budget allocated for the development of the site. As with all customers we try to work “for the future”, then the cost of works was minimal.

How to save money while developing a website

Before us was the task of minimizing the cost of creating a website. Therefore, we have identified the following items of budget savings:

  • all text materials provided by the customer
  • we do not attract a photographer, and all images are taken from sources with a free license
  • we use the minimum number of programmable modules, choosing ready-made solutions

Thus, the cost of the work was only 300 euros. It should be noted that we used a unique design and development of the site template from scratch.

All the work took 6 working days.

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