Conducting a subject photography

We carried out objective photography of professional measuring equipment.

It was quite a traditional order for our company. Before us, the task was set for the production of object (catalog) photography of equipment with subsequent processing. Photography was not made on the premises of the studio, but directly at the customer. We often order the exit photo shooting – thus the customer saves his time and money for transportation of the objects of shooting. We, on our part, fully ensure the quality of the order, because even on field work we use light equipment and cameras necessary to obtain the most selling photos.

The difficulties of field-based subject photography

In the case of this order, difficult moments were avoided, since even an excessive number of lighting devices was delivered. This allowed us to carry out objective photography without losses, in the way that the customer wanted. That’s why the final photos were predictable. A special emphasis was placed on the fact that even professional equipment looked “glamorous”.

We were photographed:

  • all kinds of equipment
  • all variants of measuring sensors
  • a number of group photos
  • complete sets

In all, we got 18 photos of printing quality on the way out. All materials will be used when filling the catalogs on the website and in the printed catalogs of the Customer.

Also it should be noted that in this case we provided the customer with not only final photos (retouched), but also source codes. If necessary, they will help later carry out additional color correction for certain tasks. Sometimes such an approach is practiced when working with a complex design of exhibition panels and graphic works, for example, in the preparation of souvenirs.

Total time was spent:

  • taking photos – 4 hours
  • preparation of final versions of photos – 3 working days