Calculate the cost of the site

Table of estimated cost of works

WEB design

Work Scope of work Cost
Development of the layout of the main page We prepare 2 options and finalize the variant you selected 250 Euro
Development of layouts of internal pages Most often the design is based on the main page. However, there may be different variations in the design. 75 Euro

Work with corporate identity

Work Scope of work Cost
Logotype development 2-3 variants of logos are prepared on the basis of a completed brief 180 Euro
Development of a logo, an envelope, a company letterhead 2-3 variants are prepared on the basis of a completed brief 270 Euro
Development of a full-fledged brand book The volume of work is negotiated individually from 600 Euro

Website development

Work Scope of work Cost
Web site design With the cost of design from 460 Euro
Development of a corporate site With the cost of design from 770 Euro
Development of an online store With the cost of design from 1 800 Euro

In order to calculate the cost of the site we need to know the main points from which it is composed:

  • the need to design a website
  • does your company have a corporate style
  • what type of site are you interested in
  • who will be working on content development
  • who will fill and support the site
  • whether it is necessary to conduct additional work (for example, photo and video shooting for sites)

Let’s consider in detail each of the items.

Website design – cost and features

The most optimal option when developing a website design is to rely on the corporate style of your company, on your wishes. To date, the Internet is not one thousand sites and we are sure that there are some that you like. These sites can be a starting point in the development of your individual design.

On average, the cost of 2-3 layouts of the start page (to choose) is 250 Euro. Further we make the development of the variant you like. The best option when working is to stay in constant contact with the customer’s representative – this will allow the most quickly and competently to fulfill the tasks set.

Corporate style – development or use of existing developments

Corporate identity is the foundation of almost any company. This is the brand recognition, which, in the long run, depends very much on the success of the company. Therefore, if the customer has a developed brand beech, create a site for these materials much more efficiently. Corporate identity saves time on the selection of color combinations, fonts and so on.

If your company does not have a developed corporate identity, but you think that it is necessary, we are ready to take up this work. To date, we have successfully developed a style for 8 companies. This is not so much, nevertheless we have something to be proud of and we know how to approach this issue.

Development of a corporate website or online store

The cost of working on the creation of the site fully depends on what exactly you want to get in the end. There are several types of sites, but the main ones are: a corporate site, a business card site, an online store. There are also “sub-sections”, nevertheless they somehow follow from the listed options. Accordingly, the cost of work is very different. So, the cost of the site-business card is an average of 460 Euro to 650 Euro, a corporate site – from 770 Euro to 1 100 Euro and the online store – from 1 800 Euro.

Filling and maintaining the site

Not every company is ready to allocate specially prepared people for conducting sites. This concerns both filling and technical support. Therefore, it is often cheaper to contact us than to hire one’s own specialist. Details about the scope of work and the cost can be found in the table at the beginning of the page.

Photo and video shooting for sites

Photography for the site in the first place may be interested in online shopping and directory sites. We are ready to provide exit photography for both St. Petersburg and the regions. We are leaving for the Leningrad Region, the Novgorod Region, the Republic of Karelia. We also work with Estonia and Finland in this direction.

Video filming is in demand if the customer wants to get an exclusive videophone on the site. Or you can present your product as a “face” on the websites of directories and online stores. Our experience allows us to videotape any level of complexity, we work with both objective photography and the creation of full-fledged advertising videos.