Aerial photography for advertising and site

By request of the St. Petersburg company engaged in the production and rental of residential modules, we conducted an aerial survey. The work was carried out in the winter with a strong enough wind, but despite this, it was possible to make excellent shots.

It should be noted that we often make small gifts to our customers. In this case, in addition to industrial photography, we also made a small video sketch. It’s very pleasant to remember what pleasure the customer received from this small video.

Then the photos we take will be used for the site. Also, the customer had an idea from the video to make a modern background on the site with the video. In general, we fully support his decision, as this is a beautiful and modern solution with exclusive content.

Aerial photography in St. Petersburg – nuances and questions

St. Petersburg is not very conducive to conducting aerial surveys. Frequent squally winds, rains, snow. All this very often puts in jeopardy the performance of high-quality shooting from the air. Nevertheless, we are accustomed to such features and are almost always ready to leave as soon as the weather “gives good.”

However, there are a few nuances that you need to consider when ordering airshots:

  1. We do not fly in the rain, snow. This is due to the fact that when the precipitations the lens becomes covered with droplets, and instead of clear beautiful frames, it is possible to get the turbid and fuzzy outlines of the aerial survey object.
  2. We do not fly with gusts of wind more than 12 m / s. More precisely, we can take off even with a stronger wind. And one of these aerial surveys was held at the VK Fest 2016 festival, when gusts reached 18-20 m / s. Nevertheless, close-ups will be smeared, as the drone tries to stabilize. If you only need general views – there are no problems, the flight is ready.
  3. Flights in the premises. The issue is extremely complex, but solvable. However, before we form a value and understand whether we can carry out this type of work, we need at least to get pictures of the room. Ideally – we go to the site and do a test run of technology.

Cost of aerial photography

If we are talking about shooting in dry weather under the open sky, then the flight time on one battery costs 2,000 rubles. This is about 15-20 minutes of shooting. Usually, to get a quality diverse material, which can be further worked, we need to fly at least 2 batteries.

If the shooting takes place on the territory of the Leningrad region, Estonia or Finland, the cost of the work is negotiable.

We work only on professional equipment, all surveys are conducted in 4K resolution.