Advertising video for the site

We finished the installation and delivered a video for the site dedicated to the installation of soundproof material.

Each work has some nuances and difficulties. In this case – the shooting took place in a zone of high humidity. In this regard, special trunks were used, which protect the equipment as much as possible from the influence of an aggressive environment.

The shooting was conducted in three stages. At the first stage we shot the preparatory stages. The second part of the shootings is directly editing the material on walls and ceiling. Well, finally, the final stage of the shooting period – work already in the finished premises. Next – three days for editing, graphics, selection of musical accompaniment and color correction.

What can be difficult when shooting video for sites

All, of course, depends on the customer’s wishes and the volume of the final material that you want to receive. How many graphics will there be, how complex will be the editing, how many will have to spend the shooting shifts on the preparation of the source material, and so on. Moreover, you may also need actors – this is also an additional expense item. Locations – this is also an important element of filming, which should not be forgotten.

Shooting video for the site in St. Petersburg, Finland and Estonia

Our film crew has extensive experience in filming both in Russia and abroad. For each task, we carefully select and use the equipment, and personnel that can work as high as possible within the terms of reference.

We can work both from the ground and from the air. At our disposal there are both DSLR cameras and professional video equipment of an expensive segment. Also often enough in the shoots we use the quadopter – to get the personnel from the air.